1. Site Inspection

We believe that every property is different. Hence, our professional technicians conduct systematic checks on every property and develop a unique treatment plan. The selected best methods and chemicals are essential in dealing with the pest issue you have on hand. We strive to find the root cause of your problem and advise the appropriate methods to minimize and prevent future infestation.

Getting the job done

2. Execution

Our pest control specialists pay attention to the exact amount of chemicals applied, and proportions of different chemicals mixed. Larvicide and insecticide are applied together. In execution, our pest control specialists are meticulous in covering every corner to ensure the most possible coverage of pests.


3. Monitor

Pests visit often, so should we! Our professionals will visit your premises on a regular schedule year-round to monitor the any pest activity for those contract based clients. As the property deteriorates, the sighting of pests would be more common. Our professionals will document the progress and problems to ensure that we provide the best maintenance solution for your premises.

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